Women in Christ (logo) Notes from Nancy

The registration deadline for the Retreat is March 15. There is still time to join us.

Due to personal restraints and work being done for the upcoming Retreat, we are repeating last month's issue. Be sure to read Cynthia Saladin's Fellowship, Exhortation, Encouragement which is new for this month.

I am hoping those of you who have not been to one of our retreats will consider coming. Those of you who have, we look forward to seeing you again and hope you will tell others what you have gained from the retreat you have attended in the past.


I was delayed in getting the website up this month due to a winter storm. My employer is very serious about the employees being at work every day, despite the weather conditions. I am never sure when the company will consider the conditions serious enough that it will excuse the absence.

Jesus said, “Do not worry”. There is a major winter storm approaching with potential heavy ice on power lines with a possibility of power outages. The road conditions will be poor with a greater chance of an accident and slow response times as the storm rolls through. If I get a hotel room near work, (which is what I did this time), I won’t be home to take care of things if there is a power outage. All of this could lead to worrying.

But I am a follower of Christ. These concerns pale in comparison to what many of my brethren face on a daily basis.

I am concerned about the possibilities, but I pray, try to use wisdom in planning for what is ahead and put my faith in God’s hands. He has taken care of me in the past in much more dire situations. I have faith God will see me through my trials small and large.

There will come a time when seeing me through will mean this physical life will end. I do not know what form that “trial” will take. I want to tarry longer to be here with family and brethren. As a Christian, I look beyond also and at times I feel as Paul did when he wrote, “I am torn between the two: I desire to depart and be with Christ, which is better by far; but… (Philippians 1:23).”

When I start to worry, I pray, remember and find strength knowing whatever trial I go through, I can look forward to being “with Christ, which is better by far.”

Come join us as we study Where Your Treasure Is.