Women in Christ (logo) Notes from Nancy

Welcome to the launching of womeninchrist.org.  In this first issue we address the meaning of being a woman in Christ.  In addition, I would like to add why this site was created.

As I approached a new stage in my life, I asked God in my prayers how I could serve Him with the talents He has given me.  The answer appeared slow in coming.  One day I was inspired by an article that encouraged me to do something for God.  A web site was among the suggestions.

I realized that several friends of mine were gifted in writing, but had no outlet to share.  Since my talents are more organizational and technical, I decided I could serve by helping them share their gifts.

Our hope is to help not only women who are just finding Christ, but women who are in all stages of life and relationships with Christ.

My plan is to encourage others to join us in sharing their joys and sorrows, trials and blessings in their walk in Christ.  I encourage those of you that want to share to see the "Contact Us" section of the web site for more details.

God will determine the growth of this site.  We can only make our imperfect attempts to reach out.  It is the Lord who opens a person's heart to respond to the message we bring.  (Acts 16:14)

I hope we will all learn, grow and share through this site as we walk through this life as Women In Christ.