Christian Women’s Retreat
Nursing mother guidelines:

As stated in the brochure these retreats are designed to give women a time and place to be able to follow God’s instruction to “ ‘set your minds on things above, not on earthly things’ (Colossians 3:2) by giving us the opportunity to set aside for a brief weekend our normal routines. We can focus on our relationship with God through fellowship with one another.” Attendance is not always possible for nursing mothers. As mothers, we often have to give up some opportunities, such as this retreat, to serve the best interest of our child. That being said, we also recognize there can be a need of such a retreat for a woman who is nursing. We have set up guidelines for any nursing mothers wanting to attend to try and balance their need, along with the needs and desires of the other attendees who desire the goal we have set for the retreat.

First of all, the facilities are not equipped for babies. You will need to bring a portable bed, toys, etc. for the child. The facilities are not child proof. If your child is already crawling, there would be the usual dangers of having them in a public place. Many of you would be used to this if you attend a local congregation.

We plan to have a mother’s room with sound piped in, if possible. We hope to have a helper, but that is not guaranteed, to watch your child, so you can go back to the meeting room to fully participate, if you desire.

While we all love children, they can be distracting to the speaker and some of the attendees. Some of our attendees are hard of hearing and the background noise, no matter how sweet, can prevent them from hearing the message or what others are saying. I know as a mother, I could often tune out the babbling noise of my own children and therefore may have been unaware if it was distracting for others. Because of this, if need be, we may ask you to take your child to the mothers room.

Since we will have to make plans to accommodate nursing mothers who plan to attend, please contact Nancy Vandemark at