The Word of Promise Audio NKJV Bible

The Word of Promise

Audio NKJV Bible

After listening to a portion of a cd recording of The Word of Promise Audio NKJV Bible played by a friend, my husband and I purchased the set. The producers set out to create audio recordings of The Bible which would have the emotional impact of a radio play. These emotional readings have given us a richer experience and fresh perspective on familiar scriptures.

Over 600 actors have lent their voices to reading portions of Scripture with the same skill and emotion they bring to scripts for television or movies, keeping the listener more engaged than a straight academic and unemotional reading does.

Any version or translation of the Bible has its limitations, pros and cons. The way a scripture is read does color the meaning just like a person’s tone of voice can. Some readers may be distracted from the meaning by a personal bias against particular casting choices which may not match their preconception of how they think the voices should sound. Yet, the opportunity to hear the words brought to life by skilled reading is worth the extra effort to consider how the words are read.

There are different price ranges making it no more expensive than a good quality bound Bible. If you want the convenience of listening to the Bible, this product might be a good choice. My husband and I were not disappointed with it.

Book Review
By Scarlett Stough
Title: The Word of Promise Audio NKJV Bible
Publisher: Thomas Nelson


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