Title: Woman Be Free
Author: Patricia Gundry
Copyright 1977 by The Zondervan Corporation
ISBN 0-310-25361-6

I began to realize many years ago that many women mentioned in the Bible had authority and responsibility that are denied women in many churches today. There seemed to be a contradiction between what the Bible showed women doing and what was forbidden them to do by the Apostle Paul.

In my search to resolve the apparent contradictions, I ran across a small book with a big message, Woman Be Free written by Patricia Gundry. The author gets right to the heart of the problem by addressing:

  • The effect on women of being treated as second-class Christians
  • The issue of whether or not Adam and Eve were created equal 
  • The effect cultural bias has on interpretation 
  • The principles that Paul taught in the passages that appear to restrict women to subordinate roles.
She does this without being pedantic.

In the last two chapters she talks about "What can woman do?" and "What do I do now?" She makes the topic relevant to the average woman's life.

This book is too brief, only seven chapters, to answer all of the criticisms against women being active by using their spiritual gifts. It does give a starting point. The author's endnotes give references to other works that have more detail.

Woman Be Free lived up to its title by freeing my mind and heart to act on opportunities that came my way. I can now act on the freedom that Jesus gives. So can you.

Book Review
By Scarlett Stough