What's in the Bible? DVD covers

Earlier this month I heard an interview with Phil Vischer, the creator of Veggie Tales. I learned about his new creations of JellyTelly and the What’s in the Bible? DVDs. Upon talking with my son, I found out they were already subscribers to jellytelly.com.

After a month of subscribing to jellytelly.com, my son was thinking about canceling due to the repetition, but after hearing the interview on Focus on the Family he changed his mind. Phil Vischer explained that the videos on jellytelly.com and the What’s in the Bible? series are like Sesame Street where the fun repetition helps children learn. Only with these, they are learning about what is in the Bible. My son recalled all the things that he learned from Sesame Street and decided to keep the subscription. I have since bought the first four DVDs in the What’s in the Bible? series.

Scarlett and I watched the first DVD in the series, “In the Beginning.” We thought it was worthwhile. My grandchildren and their friends enjoy both the DVD and the Jellytelly shows.

While these videos will not teach things in depth as children should learn from their parents and Bible school classes, they will help children to recall a lot of valuable information from What’s in the Bible. Everyone once in awhile we adults can use a break and turn on the television to keep children entertained. We can feel a little less guilty when they are watching material we don’t mind sticking into those vulnerable little minds.

For more information and samples, you can go to www.jellytelly.com and whatsinthebible.com.



DVD Review
By Nancy Vandemark