Out of the Saltshaker & into the World

by Rebecca Manley Pippert

Out of the Salt Shaker into the World book cover.


“Out of the Saltshaker & into the World” presents a perspective on evangelism that is human and sensible. The author Rebecca Manley Pippert offers examples that illustrate how natural personal evangelism can be. It doesn't have to be, and shouldn't be, an aggressive sales pitch.

In Chapter Two, “Jesus the Evangelist,” the author describes Jesus as our role model. She writes, “In Jesus, then, we have our model for how to relate to the world, and it is a model of openness and identification…. We must learn then to relate transparently and genuinely to others because that is God's style of relating to us. Jesus commands us to go and then preach, not to preach and then leave. We are not to shout the gospel from a safe and respectable distance, and remain detached. We must open our lives enough to let people see that we too laugh and hurt and cry.”

She reminds us that boldness doesn't have to be offensive; that Christians and non-Christians have much in common; and that God can be “a natural, integrated part of an ongoing discussion about movies” and other topics of interest.

Although her target audience is the college student, the principles and perspectives are applicable to every Christian who wants to share the difference Jesus makes in her life but feels inadequate or uncomfortable.


Book Review
By Scarlett Stough
Title:  Out of the Saltshaker & into the World
Author: Rebecca Manley Pippert
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of the USA 1979
ISBN 0-87784 -735-5

Editors Note: The book review was done on the edition that is now out of print. The book pictured is the author's revised edition. Intervarsity Press; ISBN: 0830822208; Rev&expand edition (August  1999)