The Prayer of Hannah

Eight Dynamics of Effective Christianity

by Kenn Gividen

The Prayer of Hannah, book cover.
Kenn Gividen has written a short (127 page) sermon-in-print book, The Prayer of Hannah. He illustrates through Hannah, the mother of the prophet Samuel, character traits that make it possible for a Christian to be effective in living and in praying.

Each chapter is followed by a Scripture reference list to support his commentary. Each chapter begins with a personal anecdote that illustrates the lesson of that chapter. Even though it is a quick, easy book to read, I would suggest reading the Scriptures he lists in addition to the text. He translates Samuelís name differently than other reference works do; and he states that Samuel was the first prophet mentioned in the Bible. (What about Moses and Miriam?) Neither of these statements significantly affect the quality of his message. 

The Eight Dynamics of Effective Christianity is effectively presented and supported in this small book. He introduced me to a concept regarding the significance of Hannahís vow that I had missed as I was doing  my own study and research.

The book is easy to read, but the challenge of reaching for these character traits is demanding. If each Christian would accept this challenge, our prayers and our lives could be so much more effective in presenting Godís Good News to a world in trouble.
Book Review
By Scarlett Stough
Title: The Prayer of Hannah, Eight Dynamics of Effective Christianity
Author: Kenn Gividen
Publisher: Just Folks Publishing Company, Columbus, IN 47201
ISBN: 0-9717789-7-3