Because  There Was No Shepherd

by Brian Knowles

Because There was No Shepard, book cover


“This book…is for the walking wounded of churches who wonder if there is anything worth salvaging from their own bitter experience. Rest assured, there is” writes Brian Knowles in the introduction of Because There Was No Shepherd.

He is a former pastor who experienced disillusionment with organized religion, lost his faith in God, and was restored to a relationship with God.

The author compares “the walking wounded of the church” to “society’s disenfranchised people”---the homeless. He has been one of them.

The purpose of this book, writes Brian Knowles, is: 

  • “for people who would still like to find the reality of God within or outside of, the ecclesiastical wasteland created by organized religion”
  • “for those who wish to rebuild their relationship with God while they are waiting to find the non-existent ‘perfect church’; and
  • “for people who still have a passion to bring the reality of God into their lives despite what they’ve experienced in the world of organized religion.”
  • It is for those “who believe they have no shepherd.”

The author acknowledges, and can identify with, the injury done to sincere seekers of God by those who presented themselves as God’s ministers. But he doesn’t harangue the offenders. He points the reader to the One True Shepherd. He presents hope for the disenfranchised of the church.

He has included a short message in the last chapter which he directs to ministers. He has also been a minister and speaks from experience. He writes, “The role of Christian minister has never been easy.” “The object is to bring God’s children into a dependence upon their heavenly Father, not upon his earthly servants.”

This book offers hope to Christians separated from fellowship and to Christian ministers who struggle in their calling. It can also be helpful to those who desire to reach out to hurting, disillusioned people who have been rejected by church institutions.


Book Review
By Scarlett Stough
Title: Because There Was No Shepherd
Author: Brian Knowles 
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