Book cover: Teach Us to Number Our Days by David Roper.

Teach Us to Number Our Days

by David Roper

A friend suggested I read Teach Us to Number Our Days which she offered to loan me. As I began reading the short essays in this book, written by David Roper, I decided I wanted my own copy. My husband and I are in our senior years with certain infirmities which sap our energy and stamina. Both of us are feeling the discouragement of this loss of productivity. Our friend thought David Roper’s insights could give us the encouragement we were needing.

The author, David Roper, is a retired pastor who felt “compelled to pass on these scraps of writing….” He says, “Yet this is not a book about aging, per se, though I do cover many of the concerns that inhere as we grow older. More than anything else, it’s about my own journey toward maturity. In that sense, though in my dotage, I’m still ‘coming of age.’”

As the Bible tells us, none of our troubles are new, unique to us. The trials Christians face are common to all mankind. But through Christ we have a future hope. Even though our bodies change in unwelcome ways as we grow older, we still can be useful. We are still valued by God who loved us, saved us and has given us life. Our roles change, but our purpose remains--to love God and all the people surrounding us.

The author acknowledges “that retirement frustrates our sense of self-regard….We’re nobodies”---or at least that’s how we tend to feel. But he goes on to say, “But what if we view all these losses as a good thing? For losses, properly understood, become the means by which we gain more of Christ and find rest in His love for us.”

The author’s thoughts, experiences and advice in Teach Us to Number Our Days has encouraged me to look more at the blessings in these years and less at the losses.

Book Review
By Scarlett Stough
Title: Teach Us to Number Our Days
Author: David Roper copyright 2008
Publisher: Discovery House
ISBN: 978-1-57293-196-1


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