The Best Devotions 
of Marilyn Meberg

by Marilyn Meberg

The Best Devotions fo Marilyn Meberg, book cover.
A few years ago I was introduced to the work of Marilyn Meberg at one of the many annual Women of Faith conferences. I had at least heard of the other ladies in the group - Patsy Clairmont, Lucy Swindoll, Sheila Walsh, Thelma Wells, and Barbara Johnson - but not this delightful, seemingly sophisticated (until you get to know her) zany and wacky woman, Marilyn Meberg. When I found out that these Women of Faith were publishing a devotional series consisting of one devotional book per author, I was quick to buy Marilynís book first.

Meberg is a master of humor and observer of life. Lucy Swindoll describes her in the Forward of this devotional as a good communicator with ďan exceptional use of the English language, an unparalleled sense of humor, an intimate relationship with the Lord.Ē Most readers will find it difficult to read just one story a day; their hearts will beg for more.

This devotional book is sure to make you laugh and cry. There are 60 readings altogether and can be read each day or in one morning with God or just when a delightful pick-me-up is in order. Marilyn tells stories from her own life. She has had her share of heartaches; and just when the reader is beginning to wonder where in the world she could be taking her/him, she pulls a meaningful spiritual connection out of her magic hat making everything come back together in a natural flow. The format is easy to follow with each reading beginning with a Scripture verse and ending with a short prayer.

I am encouraged to continue reading the others in this series by each of these Women of Faith. This book is sure to lift you up or serve as a gift for someone you know who could use a good belly laugh with spiritual connections and prayer.
Book Review
By Lisa Stough
Title: The Best Devotions of Marilyn Meberg
Author: Marilyn Meberg
Publisher: Zondervan, Grand Rapids, MI 49530
ISBN: 0-310-24176-6