Love  Covers

by Paul E. Billheimer

Love Covers, image of book
“It is likely that you will not agree with everything in this volume. It is just as likely that you need not agree with everything herein to be benefited by it,” commented Dr. Jack R. Taylor about the book Love Covers by Paul E. Billheimer.

In the Preface, the author defines the basis for fellowship: “Therefore the primary, fundamental and distinguishing basis for fellowship is shared ancestry [spiritual as in “Born Again”] rather than shared theories, concepts, or opinions.” He also states, “No one has to give up any precept, persuasion, or canon of faith to love a ‘blood-bought brother’.”

He discusses various hindrances to unity, such as, Calvinists versus Arminians; doctrinal correctness versus agape love; Charismatics versus non-Charismatics and other diverse beliefs.

Mr. Billheimer quotes Dr. J. I. Packer who wrote, “We should be glad that our God does not hide His face from those who seek Him-neither from Charismatics nor non-Charismatics-until their theology is correct.” [from the March 7, 1980, issue of Christianity Today]

Although the author primarily discusses the breach between Charismatics and non-Charismatics, the principles he expounds can apply to other differences that divide Christians.

He concludes with a call for Christians to mature in agape love so that we might attain the unity for which Jesus prayed.


Book Review
By Scarlett Stough
TITLE: Love  Covers
AUTHOR: Paul E. Billheimer
Bethany House Publishers, Minneapolis, MN 55438
Copyright 1981     ISBN 0-87123-400-9