God’s Leading Lady, 
Out of the Shadows and into the Light

by T. D. Jakes

God’s Leading Lady, Out of the Shadows and into the Light, book cover.
“So why aren’t more women fulfilling their dreams and soaring as their Creator intended?” asks author T. D. Jakes in God’s Leading Lady.

He uses the language of the theater to encourage the reader: “Know that God Himself has chosen and ordained you as His Leading Lady….Maybe you have been asked to sing the song, say the speech, face a challenge that you would never have expected for yourself.”

The author writes, “I hope to challenge you to true excellence, to fan the dying embers of your desire for more out of life, to help you discover what the Creator had in mind when he formed you as female, and enable you to recognize the incredible impact you can have on the world around you.”

T. D. Jakes makes his points with examples from women of the Bible such as Joanna and contemporary women such as Rosa Parks.

Even though he makes an obvious error in confusing the two Tamars in David’s lineage, his observations may help some women move beyond feelings of inferiority and inadequacy to reach for excellence.

The author’s phrase “the temptations of mediocrity” highlights how much easier it is to settle for “just getting by,” for “doing only what is required,” for falling back on the excuse “I’m not good enough.” 

One of the gems in God’s Leading Lady is T. D. Jakes’ interpretation of Proverbs 31. He takes the passage beyond the activities of a woman of character to the faith of a woman of character: “the virtuous wife is not fearful for her family, for she has placed them in the hands of God” and “As a daughter of God, she is clothed in his strength and honor. His strength is her strength, and it is through Him that she can accomplish all. And it is for this reason that she rejoices. She has no worries, no fear, for she is wrapped in the power of the Lord.” 
Book Review
By Scarlett Stough
Title: God’s Leading Lady, Out of the Shadows and into the Light
Author: T. D. Jakes
Publisher: The Berkley Publishing Group
ISBN: 0-425-19016-1