John: 90 Days with The Beloved Disciple

Beth Moore

John: 90 Days with The Beloved Disciple by Beth Moore, book cover

Beth Moore’s devotional John: 90 Days with The Beloved Disciple is meant to be savored over a ninety day period. However, I found myself devouring several chapters at a sitting. Her writing drew me into her own enthusiasm for Jesus as she shares her “Personal Reflections” on the Apostle John’s life and writings. I suspect that men would not find it as helpful as some women do.

In the Introduction she wrote, “…I hope you’ll make the discovery that he [John] did so long ago--the discovery that affection counts for more than ambition. That loving and being loved by Jesus matters more than all that the world can obtain or contain.”

Each day’s morsel begins with a scripture reading, a couple of questions for meditation, a short essay followed by a few more application questions with space to write your own comments. She closes each daily section with a written prayer and space for the reader to write her own prayer or comments.

I do believe every believer needs to become familiar with the Bible through reading it as narrative and also by studying its teachings. We can become prey to people who misuse scripture for personal gain if we don’t educate ourselves. We make a mistake by substituting writings about the Bible for reading the Bible. But, after you include a serious study of the scriptures, good writing by our brothers and sisters in Christ has almost the same power to encourage us as spending time with others in fellowship or receiving instruction in churches and Bible study groups.

I liked Beth Moore’s humility in her statement, “Based on my understanding of Scripture…” on Day 86. On Day 85 she wrote, “Keep in mind, however, that faithful students of God’s Word see a variety of ways to understand the passage. God will accomplish His will in His own way regardless of opinion.”

Her enthusiasm breathes life into the Bible accounts and helps the reader to emotionally connect with these long dead eyewitnesses to the reality of Jesus Christ. Her growing popularity shows how effective she is in presenting a fresh and usually biblically sound commentary. I was personally encouraged in my faith in Jesus by reading this devotional and the scriptures she chose to include.


Book Review
By Scarlett Stough
Title: John: 90 Days with The Beloved Disciple
Author: Beth Moore copyright 2008
Publisher: B & H Publishing Group, Nashville, Tennessee
ISBN: 978-0-8054-4812-2
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