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I typically do not do movie reviews since I am never current with the latest movies. But a movie review on Home Run, now out on DVD, seems appropriate for this issue's theme.

It is hard to fit real life in a two hour movie. I was impressed with how the movie gave the illusion of the time and the struggle it sometimes takes for people to see their need for Jesus Christ in their life. It also demonstrated the power of people living in the peace that only Jesus Christ can give, despite what they have gone through in the past, whether from their own sins or the sins committed against them.

Home Run showcases the Celebrate Recovery program. I have to admit I am not totally familiar with the program. From what I learned from the movie, it is a twelve step program, but differs in that it acknowledges Jesus Christ is the higher power we need to turn to. The movie includes testimonials from actual recovering addicts. If they were mixed in with actors, I could not tell the difference.

Without giving too much away, the main character plays a successful baseball player who was raised by an abusive, alcoholic father. He, too, has turned to alcohol and is now forced into a 12 step program to try and save his career. Due to circumstances, the 12 step program he is forced to attend is Celebrate Recovery in the town he grew up in. To say the least, it changed his life.

Whether you are looking for wholesome entertainment, as it contains a love story and a story of redemption, or want to use it to encourage someone you love to get help, I do not think you will be disappointed.

Movie Review
By Nancy Vandemark


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