Good News for Women

A Biblical Picture of Gender Equality

Good News for Women, book cover.


Rebecca Merrill Groothuis states her purpose for writing Good News for Women is “to show that the broad sweep of biblical thought aligns more readily with gender equality than gender hierarchy, and that the biblical proof texts used to support traditionalist gender roles fail to present an open-and-shut case for the position.”

The author, in the first part of her book, Good News for Women, takes apart some of the assumptions and arguments used to justify the unequal treatment of women. In the second part, she shows from Scripture the equality of man and woman at creation. Then using Scripture, historical sources, and reason, she deals intelligently with interpretations of Scripture that would deny women their equality in Christ and opportunities to use the gifts of the Spirit.

She devotes an entire chapter “Marriage and Mutual Submission” to defending the practicality of an egalitarian marriage.

If you have questions about the traditionalist view of women’s role, you may find satisfactory answers in Good News for Women. 
Book Review
By Scarlett Stough
Title: Good News for Women, A Biblical Picture of Gender Equality
Author: Rebecca Merrill Groothuis, 1997
ISBN: 0-8010-5720-5