Equipped to Love, Building Idolatry-Free Relationships

Norm Wakefield

Book cover: Equipped to Love, Building Idolatry-Free Relationships by Norm Wakefield

In his preface to Equipped to Love, Norm Wakefield wrote, “I’ve written this book for husbands who want to know how to love their wives, for wives who desire to love their husbands, for parents who long to love their children with Jesus’ love, for children and teens who struggle to love their brothers, sisters, and parents, and for the people of God who want to love Him more.”

In other words, the author would like every Christian household and congregation to benefit from the perspective he presents in this book. His purpose is, in his words: “to equip you to recognize deceptive, unloving attitudes and actions, then direct you to the Source of love.”

He contrasts the world’s kind of love against God’s kind of love. He defines them this way: “The world’s kind of love centers on getting and using.” “…God’s kind of love focuses on giving and serving.” You might say, “What’s new in that? I already knew that.”

The concept that was new to me is the root cause of our inability to love God’s way. The sin of selfishness and pride were what I thought was the root cause of inability to show God’s kind of love. But what is the root cause of those sins?

You probably got a clue in the subtitle, “Building Idolatry-Free Relationships.”

I wish I could just give you this book, but God has not endowed me with the financial means to do so. I doubt the author has the means either. If God is at work in your heart through the Holy Spirit, he is teaching you to love his way with his kind of love. (I Thessalonians 4:9-10) But, if this book fits in your budget (my copy was a gift from a friend), you may find the perspective presented in Equipped to Love by Norm Wakefield to be the best sermon you ever heard on love. I know I did.

He gives an excellent definition of idolatry: “looking to any person, object, or idea to supply what only God can supply.” He also states his belief: “You can’t love anyone you idolize.”

In Chapters Three through Ten, he describes Seven Characteristics of Idolatry. In the last four chapters, he writes about how God equips us to love. He also describes biblical repentance and faith and warns against false conversions.

There are hints of theology in his book that did not fit my understanding of the Bible, and perhaps, may not fit yours. But I have come to realize that none of us have perfect knowledge; that belongs only to God. Yet, we can learn from others who have learned lessons we have yet to learn.

Book Review
By Scarlett Stough
Title: Equipped to Love, Building Idolatry-Free Relationships
Author: Norm Wakefield copyright 2007
Publisher: Elijah Ministries, P.O. Box 377, Bulverde, TX, 78163
ISBN: 1-892754-00-2
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