Echoes of His Presence


Ray Vander Laan 
with Judith Markham

Echoes of His Precence, book cover.


In the Preface of Echoes of His Presence, the author Ray Vander Laan stated the purpose of this book, “My hope and prayer is that this book will be used by God to help readers see and appreciate the reality of the person and work of Jesus and to spark an interest and desire in them to pursue a deeper understanding of the Jewish roots of the faith God has given us through our Jewish Messiah and His faithful disciples.” 

And in the Introduction he said, “Above all, I hope that through these pages you will gain a fresh perspective on the message and ministry of our Savior and become increasingly aware of the echoes of His presence in your own life.”

Ray Vander Laan begins each chapter with Scripture verses that relate to the story that follows. Through fictional characters he places readers in the cultural and historical setting in which Jesus was born, lived, and died. These stories illustrate the lesson of the Scriptures he quoted at the beginning of the chapter. He continues at the end of each story to comment on the application to Christian life today.

The reader is given a picture of the life and work of a shepherd; of the loneliness of an outcast; of the thirst for living water of a traveler in the desert places, and other characters and settings. The Messianic fervor, the political aims of the Zealots, and the role of a Rabbi with his disciples are also described. 

Through these short stories, which connect in the last chapter, Ray Vander Laan succeeds in presenting Jesus and his message and work through the perspective of his Jewish culture.
Book Review
By Scarlett Stough
Title: Echoes of His Presence
Author: Ray Vander Laan with Judith Markham
Publisher: Zondervan, Grand Rapids, MI 49530
ISBN: 0-310-67886-2