Disciples are Made not Born

by  Walter A. Henrichsen

Disciples are Made not Born, image of book.
Perhaps like me, your early Christian instruction was somewhat haphazard or impersonal; or, maybe, both. If so, “Disciples Are Made Not Born” can fill in some gaps in your education. In Chapter One, Walter A. Henrichsen begins by  discussing “The kind of person God uses.” He emphasizes the need for discipline: “A disciple is a disciplined person.” He goes into detail describing what kind of discipline a disciple needs to practice.

He insists on the need for evangelism and the necessity of personally sharing your life with a newcomer to Christ. He says, “It is imperative, therefore, that you major on being the kind of person you want your disciple to become.”

He also emphasizes the need for personal conviction and perspective. Without these qualities a disciple will not have the stamina to continue as a disciple of Christ.

He closes the book with a warning: “Because involvement in people’s lives is costly very few take it seriously. It costs in time. It will cost you your life because your life is not your own.” (See Luke 9:24)


Book Review 
By Scarlett Stough
Title: Disciples are Made not Born
Author:  Walter A. Henrichsen
Victor Books; SP Publications 1974, 1988
ISBN 0-89693-442-X