Deliver Us From Evil

Ravi Zacharias

Deliver Us From Evil book cover

The title Deliver Us From Evil snagged my attention as I browsed in a book store. I had been praying that prayer in the preceding days with the hope that God would prevent the establishment of a purveyor of evil near my community.

The author, Ravi Zacharias, packs his prose with much substance and very little filler. To get the maximum benefit from his writing, the reader has to stop every sentence or so to absorb his comments. He is an intellectual writing to intellectuals, but without condescension toward the average reader like myself.

He tracks the encroachment of godless thinking and immoral conduct from the past into our present day. He shows how secularism, pluralization and privatization have provided the environment in which evil thrives. He says, “Secularization left society without shame and with no point of reference for decency, and pluralization left society without reason and with no point of reference for rationality. Privatization--born from the union of the other two--has left people without meaning and with no point of reference for life’s coherence. The greatest victim of evil so engendered is the self. We no longer know who we are as a people.”

Ravi Zacharias included a poem expressing this feeling of meaninglessness. It was written as a suicide note by a teenager (Pages 16 & 17.) This poem is particularly emotional for me since one of my younger brothers took his own life for much the same reason.

Lost in a world of darkness
Without a guiding light,
Seeking a friend to help
My struggling, failing plight.
Now all of you good people
Just go on passing by.
Leaving me with nothing
But this lonely will to die.

Somewhere in this lonely world
Of sorrow and of woe
There’s a place for me to hide,
But where I do not know;
For no matter where I go
I never will escape
The devil’s reaching, clutching hands,
Or the drink of fermented grape.

So out of my grief and anguish
Perhaps some wandering boy will see,
Long after I have left this world,
And build his own life, strong and good and free.

The author describes evil, its origins and its facets. This is not a book that will cheer you up if you are down. But if you need a reality check, Deliver Us From Evil will give it to you. If you need a challenge for your life, this book offers it. We look at the evils around us, crime, war, disease, natural disasters, personal problems and most of all, an increasing denial of absolute truth, and we feel overwhelmed with helplessness to change anything. But there is one evil each person can engage in combat and defeat--the evil within: “Evil is always personal, and the one who acts wickedly is responsible,” writes the author.

Through personal accounts, historical accounts, and biblical references, the author gives evidence to support his statement, “How marvelous is the grace of God who has proven again and again that His Word brings light to a dark place, and who can take the wrath of men to bring praise to His name.”

In his conclusion, Ravi Zacharias, said, “God calls us all to enjoy His glorious truth. We believe, but not because we need to in order to make us feel better. We believe because truth survives in the end and it is truth that must be believed.”

Book Review
By Scarlett Stough
Title: Deliver Us From Evil
Author: Ravi Zacharias copyright 1997
Publisher: Thomas Nelson, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-0-8499-1395-0 (hardcover)
ISBN-10: 0-8499-3950-X (Trade Paper)
ISBN-13: 978-0-8499-3950-X (Trade Paper)
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