Jesus Drives
Me Crazy!


Leonard Sweet

Jesus Drives Me Crazy!, book cover.


According to Leonard Sweet, author of Jesus Drives Me Crazy!, “Disciples of Jesus are deviations from the norm. They mess up the world as it is, drawing outside the lines, thinking outside the box, resisting off-the-shelf solutions. Christians simply can’t ‘do normal.’ Once you become a disciple of Jesus, normal isn’t good enough anymore. Christians are part of the wisdom of the world that is to come.”

Leonard Sweet points out the paradoxes such as: “Want to become great? Become least.”

He discusses the problem of the church being in a “return to normal” mode. He says, “Once you encounter Jesus you can never ‘return to normal.’ Authentic discipleship is an all-of-life spirituality that interrupts all of life and interprets life on God’s terms.”

He uses the metaphor of being crazy (being NUTS) to illustrate the whole hearted, single minded dedication to the way of life to which God has called Christians.

Are you looking for a challenge? Do you look around at the world the way it is and feel frustrated that it never seems to improve? Have you lost sight of your purpose in being Christian? Let “Jesus Drives Me Crazy” encourage and inspire you to be different from the world around you. 
Book Review
By Scarlett Stough
Title: Jesus Drives Me Crazy!
Author: Leonard Sweet
Publisher: Zondervan, Grand Rapids, MI 49530
ISBN: 0-310-23224-4