Courageous, Honor Begins at Home


It is very difficult to find a movie with real Christian values as its theme. I do not believe Hollywood is even capable of making such a movie because Hollywood doesn’t have a clue what such values are. But how would you like to see a movie about the need of fathers to be involved in their children’s lives, and demonstrating in a powerful, emotional way the results of choosing right or wrong based on biblical values? This is exactly what the movie Courageous does. It is the latest movie produced by Sherwood Baptist Church of Albany, Georgia.

This movie is different in some ways as others produced by Sherwood Baptist since it is rated PG-13. There are two scenes that likely produced that rating. The movie opens with a scene in which a newly hired sheriff’s deputy is hanging onto a high-jacked car speeding away. Is there a valid reason he is doing this? The other is a gun fight. These two scenes add to movie appeal, and they do fit the movie’s theme, but parents need to consider these scenes if they intend to bring young children. This is a movie for adults and especially for parents.

The main characters are the sheriff’s deputies and their family lives. It is a personalized, vivid, warm movie with husbands, wives, children, and the connection with God. Some of the best scenes are the ones with real humor. It is really great to see a movie with clean humor and not one word of filthy language.

One of the characters is a deputy who abandoned his child he had out of wedlock. What will he now do since his fellow deputies are straightening out their lives and setting good examples?

Two other scenes vividly show characters having to make a choice when tempted. Will they lie and practice theft to provide for their families when it seems like the biblical way is going to bring disastrous results? These are very moving and true-to-life examples.

Movies like this can have more impact by far than can be imagined. This is a must-see movie, especially for parents and young people. It was released to theaters on September 30, 2011 and will be on DVD. Information on how to purchase a DVD is available from on-line sources, and some Christian book stores.

Movie Review
By Bill Stough