Be Your Own 
Best Friend

by Thomas A. Whiteman, Ph. D. 
and Randy Petersen

Be Your Own Best Friend book cover.
“Be Your Own Best Friend” is not about living a self-centered life. The authors, Whiteman and Petersen, write, “It was only when I began to treat myself as my own best friend that I began to be comfortable in relationships with others.”

They describe the characteristics of a best friend and show how to apply these characteristics to the way you treat yourself.

In Chapter Seven, “Self-Image and God-Image”, they explore their thesis: “Your view of yourself is largely affected by your view of God.”

Do you find yourself unable to break free of an image of God and of yourself that prevents you from building healthy relationships and being able to help others?

The authors, Whiteman and Petersen, ask, “How can we give to anyone else if we’re convinced we have nothing of value to give? How can we truly love others without knowing how to properly love ourselves?”

In “Be Your Own Best Friend” they offer steps to building self-esteem that will lead to esteeming others in relationships and service.
Book Review
By Scarlett Stough
Title: Be Your Own Best Friend
Author: Thomas A. Whiteman, Ph. D. and Randy Petersen
Published by: Fleming H. Revell, Baker House Company, P.O. Box 6287, Grand Rapids, MI 49516-6287
ISBN: 0-8007-8691-2