Book cover: Made For His Pleasure, Ten Benchmarks of a Vital Faith by Alistair Begg

Made For His Pleasure

Ten Benchmarks of a Vital Faith

by Alistair Begg

In ten chapters and a conclusion, Alistair Begg describes faith in action. After each chapter title below, I have inserted a quote or comment to show what can be found in each of these sections.

Introduction: The Priority of God in a World of Self: The author states his list is not exhaustive, but selective and “represents something of his own spiritual pilgrimage.”

1. Spiritual Fitness in a Flabby Generation: The author uses building physical fitness to illustrate how we build spiritual fitness and compares it to a cross country run rather than a sprint.

2. Prayer That Is Larger Than Ourselves: This chapter encourages consistent prayer and gives examples from the life of Daniel.

3. Sacrifice: Wholehearted Commitment to God’s Kingdom: The author exhorts: “We should be yielded completely to Jesus every step of the way. We need to make a wholehearted, no-holds-barred, unequivocal, irrevocable commitment to Christ and His kingdom.”

4. Relationships: A Marriage That Pleases God: Out of his own experience, Alistair Begg describes a marriage that pleases God, “It is where we learn to say no to pleasing ourselves and yes to pleasing others and pleasing God first.”

5. Vocation: Finding the Ideal Place to Serve God: “Where is the ideal place of service? And how do we define what is ideal?” The author describes his own experience in making vocation decisions.

6. Suffering: Pleasing God When the Wheels Fall Off: “We should neither court suffering nor complain about it. Instead, we should see it as one of the means God chooses to employ in order to make us increasingly useful to the Master.”

7. The Narrow Way: Never Did a Heedless Person Lead a Holy Life: “Now that we are on the narrow road, it is essential that we are not heedless. We must not allow some kind of dreamy carelessness to erode our desire to live a holy life. We need to stay awake and alert.”

8. Intellectualism and Materialism: Chasing After the Wind: “Whenever we place our trust in anyone or anything other than God, it is sin.”

9. Putting on the Garment of Humility: Alistair Begg suggests that Humility is not in fashion; that we have “voted it out of the public domain.” But humility pleases God.

10. Evangelism: The Necessity of Bringing Others to Christ: The author insists that evangelism is the natural outgrowth of our own love for God and what he has done for us. We ought to want to share God’s gift to us with others.

Conclusion: “And so as we gauge our lives by these benchmarks, we come to recognize how important it is to do the basics well most of the time.”

Every reader would benefit from his reminders and examples in these sermons in print.

Book Review
By Scarlett Stough
Title: Made For His Pleasure, Ten Benchmarks of a Vital Faith
Author: Alistair Begg
Publisher: Moody Publishers, Chicago, IL


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