Against the Flow,

The Inspiration of Daniel in an Age of Relativism

by John C. Lennox

The author, John C. Lennox, of Against the Flow is a professor of mathematics, an author of several books, and also lectures on Christian Apologetics.

Anyone interested in ancient history especially in relationship to the Holy Scriptures ought to find this book fascinating. The author tackles the anti-supernatural controversy over the time of the writing of the Book of Daniel. Since Daniel's prophecies are so detailed and accurate, critics who reject the revelation of God argue it was written long after Daniel's time. The author gives the other side of the story defending the early authorship and its divine source.

He talks about how one can live within a godless, or idol worshiping society, while still displaying one's faith and trust in God. Daniel gives us a glimpse into the lives of men who risked their lives to remain faithful to God, not hiding their faith or practices. They were both blessed and persecuted as a result.

The main point in Daniel's book is to proclaim that God rules in the kingdom of men even though men have the freedom to defy him. In the end, God determines the outcome; we can decide whether or not to do it God's way.

Professor Lennox details the historical fulfillments while refraining from speculating about those prophecies which are yet to be fulfilled.

The reader of Against the Flow will be rewarded with a better understanding of the Book of Daniel in relationship to other prophecies about the kingdom of God in the Scriptures.

Book Review
By Scarlett Stough
Title: Against the Flow, The Inspiration of Daniel in an Age of Relativism
Author: John C. Lennox, copyright 2015
Publisher: Monarch Books, an imprint of Lion Hudson plc
ISBN: 978 0 85721 6212
e-ISBN: 978 0 85721 6229


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