Book cover: 3 Seconds, The Power of Thinking Twice by Les Parrott, PhD

3 Seconds

The Power of Thinking Twice

Les Parrott, PhD

I don’t like making decisions. I thought this book might help with that character flaw. Actually the book 3 Seconds is more about deciding to succeed than it is about decision making in general. Do you ever find yourself saying things like: “There’s nothing I can do about it;” It’s too difficult to even attempt;” “I’ll do what happens to come my way;” “It’s not my problem; somebody else is to blame;” “I’ve done what’s required, and that’s that;” or how about, “Someday I’m going to do that.” I have used all of those excuses in some form or another.

The author, Les Parrott PhD, says these are impulses we learned and we can unlearn them. We can learn to substitute these first impulses with second impulses that allow us to “do whatever it takes” to get done whatever needs to be done to be successful in life.

John C. Maxwell in the Foreword said, “If you internalize Les’s message in this book, if you study his strategy for overcoming six of the most common negative impulses we experience, you will retrain your brain and move to a whole new level of success. In plain language, Dr. Parrott shows you how a momentary pause, just three seconds, can elevate your entire life.”

The chapter titles are: Empower Yourself, Embrace a Good Challenge, Fuel Your Passion, Own Your Own Piece of the Pie, Walk the Extra Mile, and Quit Stewing and Start Doing. Within those chapters, he gives his suggestions for those second impulses to replace the first ones that keep us from accomplishing whatever we want and need to accomplish in this life. In his Conclusion, he writes about “How to Make Your Second Impulse Second Nature. He also warns us that he fears we will take the easy route and continue to follow those first impulses. He makes references to the Bible and to Providence rarely in this book, but none of these principles, in my opinion, contradict biblical instruction. As long as a Christian keeps his focus on God as the Authority for her or his life, these principles can be helpful in personal growth and in contributing to our ability to help other people.

The one point in here I discovered for myself many years ago is this one: “I can’t do everything, but I can do something.” I still postpone unwelcome tasks that seem daunting to me; I still often stop with doing what’s required instead of going above and beyond; I still can not say with a whole heart that “I love a challenge.” So I still have a lot of growing to do. I hope the exhortations in this book will be a catalyst to keep on making progress.

Book Review
By Scarlett Stough
Title: 3 Seconds, The Power of Thinking Twice
Author: Les Parrott, PhD
Publisher: Zondervan Copyright: 2007 by The Foundation for Healthy Relationships
ISBN-13: 078-0-310-27249-6 (alk. Paper)
ISBN-10: 0-310-27249-1