These studies do not tell you what the Bible says. The scriptures given direct you to specific topics. The questions are intended to help you focus on the study. No answers are given. You have to read and search the scriptures for the answers. We encourage you to use Bible helps such as concordances and commentaries. However, scholars and theologians often disagree on interpretation and application. The best study help comes from God. Pray. Allow yourself to be honest with your reactions, but don't jump to conclusions. It takes time to read and meditate on all the Bible says on various topics. Feel free to ask questions in your prayers. You will be amazed to discover that God does answer the sincere seeker. You will also be surprised that the Bible may not say what you might think it does on many subjects. Keep a notebook. A loose leaf one would make it possible to add thoughts and additional information as you learn more about different subjects. Welcome to an exciting search.  

Bible Study Guide:

Are You Still Sleeping and Resting?

By Scarlett Stough


To prepare for this Bible study, please read the women in Christ commentary, Watch and Pray.


Author’s Note: The pattern of "watch," "watched," or "watching" is easier to follow in the KJV of the Bible. The meaning is the same in other versions which use a variety of English words to translate from the Greek to English or other languages. Also, the scriptures referenced in this Bible Study Guide are not the only ones pertaining to this subject.

1. Matthew Chapter 24; Mark Chapter 13. Why is watching important? What should those who watch be doing while watching?

2. Matthew Chapter 25; Luke Chapter 12 (optional). For each of the parables in these chapters, who do the characters in the parables represent? What are they doing? How does Jesus commend or reprimand each of the characters or groups?

3. Matthew Chapter 26; Mark Chapter 14. What did he ask his disciples to do? Why did he give them this instruction?

4. Acts 20:17-36; Revelation 2:1-7. What warnings and instructions did the apostle Paul give to the elders of the church at Ephesus? How well did they do according to Jesus' letter to them in Revelation?

5. 1 Corinthians 16:13-15. What instructions did Paul give to the church at Corinth?

6. Colossians 4:2. What do you think Paul meant by the admonition to watch as they continued in prayer?

7. 1 Thessalonians Chapter 5. What contrast does Paul make between light and darkness and between those who sleep and those who watch? What instructions are given to the watchers?

8. Revelation 3:1-6. What makes Jesus' church alive or dead? What does Jesus ask the church at Sardis to do that they have not been doing? What kind of "works" do you think Jesus looked for and did not find?

9. Revelation 16:15; Revelation 19:8; Matthew 22:11-12. For what behavior does Jesus offer a blessing? What is the "clothing" Christians must be found wearing at Jesus' return?

10. How can you as an individual Christian continue to watch? What works do you think the church as a whole needs to be doing to fulfill Jesus command to be awake and watching?

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