Bible Study Guide:

Set an Example in Faith

By Scarlett Stough


To prepare for this Bible study, please read the women in Christ commentary, Holding on to Faith


I. The Example of “Holding on to Faith.”

1. I Timothy 1:14; 2:3-7; Acts 20:21; John 3:14-18 What is the faith that we hold?

2.I Timothy 4:12 How has someone set an example for you in faith?

3. I Timothy 1:3-5; 4:1; 6:10 What are some of the ways that our faith can be undermined? Do you have any personal examples to share?

4. I Timothy 2:15 Since both men and women are expected to continue “in faith, love and holiness with propriety,” and both men and women are saved by faith in Jesus our Savior (Romans 3:22-26), why do you think this truth was emphasized to women in that time period and culture? How is this relevant to your life under your circumstances? [Zondervan NIV Study Bible, Study Note on I Timothy 2:15 says: “Three possible meanings of this verse are: (1) It speaks of the godly woman finding fulfillment in her role as wife and mother in the home; (2) it refers to women being saved spiritually through the most significant birth of all, the incarnation of Christ; or (3) it refers to women being kept physically safe in childbirth.”] Which of these explanations do you agree with, if any? Give reasons for your opinion with biblical evidence. [Editor’s Note: This is considered to be a difficult scripture to translate and interpret, but since it is in the Bible, we believe it is important to grapple with it. We would encourage you to have grace towards those who do not share your opinion.]

5. I Timothy 1:3-4; 1:18-19; 3:14-15; 4:6-8,11-16; 6:11-16, 20-21 What were some of the instructions that Paul gave Timothy that would help him to “set an example….in faith?”

II. The Example of Men and Women of Faith.

Read Hebrews Chapter 11.

1. Describe faith using this chapter.

2. How did these men and women set an example of their faith?

3. Why is their example relevant to us who live hundreds and thousands of years after they did?

III. Faith in Him

1. John 2:1-11; 7:31; 8:30; 11:43-45; 12:11; 14:11-12 What caused these people to put their faith in Jesus?

2. Acts 3:16; 20:21; 24:24; 4:8-12; Romans 3:21-26; 1:18-20 Why is faith in Jesus critical to knowing God?

3. Describe how you personally can “set an example in faith.”

4. How would you explain your faith to someone who was asking you to explain it?

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