These studies do not tell you what the Bible says. The scriptures given direct you to specific topics. The questions are intended to help you focus on the study. No answers are given. You have to read and search the scriptures for the answers. We encourage you to use Bible helps such as concordances and commentaries. However, scholars and theologians often disagree on interpretation and application. The best study help comes from God. Pray. Allow yourself to be honest with your reactions, but don’t jump to conclusions. It takes time to read and meditate on all the Bible says on various topics. Feel free to ask questions in your prayers. You will be amazed to discover that God does answer the sincere seeker. You will also be surprised that the Bible may not say what you might think it does on many subjects. Keep a notebook. A loose leaf one would make it possible to add thoughts and additional information as you learn more about different subjects. Welcome to an exciting search.

Print out version.  (This is 2 pages long, without the introduction and with space for answering questions.)
Bible Study Guide: Sister in Christ
Maturing in Christ Takes Time

By Scarlett Stough

Please read the women in Christ commentary on Martha to prepare for the study.  Martha: Sister in Christ

Part I Martha’s correction

Read Luke 10:38-42. Who is named as the one who opened her home to Jesus?  What was Mary  doing and why  was it a better choice? Why did Jesus correct Martha? What could Martha have done differently so she could have spent more time learning from Jesus? (Hint: Notice that Jesus said that only one thing was necessary.)

Read Hebrews 12:4-13. Note that Paul is quoting from Proverbs 3:11-12. Why does God discipline his children? What is the end result?

Part II Martha’s strengths

Read III John 5-8; I Kings 17:9-24; II Kings 4:8-10; Titus 1:8; Romans 12:13: John 12:1-2. These are references to the kind of hospitality that Martha and Mary practiced.

Read John 11:17-44 What did Martha say that reveals her faith? What did Jesus say to encourage her?

Part III Maturing in Christ takes time

Read Romans 12:3-9; 14:4, 9-13, 17-19. Think about these scriptures in relation to judging other people without considering all the factors involved. Write down all the admonitions. In your prayer and meditations, consider how to apply these to your life.

Read Ephesians 4:11-16. Does Christian maturity occur all at once? What do you see in these verses that bring God’s people to maturity? 

Read Hebrews 4:14-16. Where can we go for help to get us through all our troubles and problems as we continue to grow up in Christ?