These studies do not tell you what the Bible says. The scriptures given direct you to specific topics. The questions are intended to help you focus on the study. No answers are given. You have to read and search the scriptures for the answers. We encourage you to use Bible helps such as concordances and commentaries. However, scholars and theologians often disagree on interpretation and application. The best study help comes from God. Pray. Allow yourself to be honest with your reactions, but don't jump to conclusions. It takes time to read and meditate on all the Bible says on various topics. Feel free to ask questions in your prayers. You will be amazed to discover that God does answer the sincere seeker. You will also be surprised that the Bible may not say what you might think it does on many subjects. Keep a notebook. A loose leaf one would make it possible to add thoughts and additional information as you learn more about different subjects. Welcome to an exciting search.  

Print out version.  (This is approximately 3 pages long, without the introduction and with space for answering questions.)

Bible Study Guide:

Humble in Heart

By Scarlett Stough

To prepare for this Bible study, please read the women in Christ commentary, A Sister Called Mary


Part I. The Example of A Sister Called Mary.

1. Luke 10:38-42; Matthew 11:29; Revelation 3:19-20 What specific things can you do “to sit at Jesus’ feet” and learn from him?

2. John 11:17-32 Mary is obviously grievously disappointed that Jesus did not prevent Lazarus from dying of his illness. Yet, when she voiced her disappointment, she did so at Jesus’ feet in a posture of submission. How can we fall at Jesus’ feet in worship when we suffer disappointments? What should our perspective be towards him?

3. John 12:1-8; John 11:38-44 Lazarus had been dead for four days when Jesus brought him back to life. Six days before the Passover in which Jesus was crucified, Lazarus’ family gave a dinner in honor of Jesus. Their brother had been dead, but now he was alive. Imagine the joy, the awe, and the gratitude everyone was feeling! Mary, in an extravagant act of worship and service poured an expensive jar of perfume over Jesus’ feet, kneeling to wipe them with her hair. In what ways, can we express in concrete ways our gratitude to Jesus for restoring our lives spiritually?

4. Matthew 18:3-4; 23:11-12; James 4:6-7 Why is humility an essential quality for all those who follow Jesus?

5. Matthew 11:29; Philippians 2:5-8 How can we cultivate being “humble in heart” as Jesus is?

Part II. The Example of Our Lord and Teacher.

1. John 13:12-17 What is the lesson Jesus taught by washing the feet of his disciples?

2. Matthew 20:20-28; Mark 10:42-45; Philippians 2:7; Luke 4:17-21 How did Jesus fulfill his mission as Servant? In what specific ways can we follow his example of service?

3. Colossians 3:22-24; Ephesians 6:7-9 Who are we serving? How does keeping our divine Master in mind affect the attitudes and manner in which we serve him?

4. Acts 20:19 What example in attitude and action did the Apostle Paul set as he served the Lord?

5. Romans 12:11-13; 14:17-19; Besides humility, what are some other qualities or character traits that please God as we serve him?

6. Matthew 25:21, 23, 24-30 How does Jesus’ expectation of service by his servants fit into the truth of Ephesians 2:8-10?

7. James 3:13; Titus 3:1-2; I Peter 3:8; 5:5-7, 10-11 What connection, if any, do you see between the quality of humility and Mary’s example of learning, worshipping, and serving? How can you begin to follow the example of Mary who followed the example of Jesus, our Lord and Teacher?