What if mercy ...
By Scarlett Stough

What if mercy did not exist at all in this world?
Would any infants survive?
Would any sick or injured person be treated?
Would any hungry, thirsty person receive food or water?

What if nobody really cared?
Would funds be collected to revive a destitute people?
Would orphans be gathered and provisioned?
Would the ships sail or the planes fly, if nobody cared?

What if only the strong and the cruel ruled?
Would justice and mercy share a grave?
Would laughter disappear from the faces of children?
Would we want to survive at all in such a world?

What if greed was good and generosity was evil?
Would the greedy long live in such a world?
Would our hearts shrivel and turn to stone?
Would earth turn into a burned out orb, childless and gray?

What if mercy filled the earth?
What if strength always lifted the weak?
What if generosity shared so no one was destitute?
Would our hearts smile and our children laugh?

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