The Simple Faith About The Trustworthiness of God By Scarlett Stough

“Catch me, Daddy!” my son called to his father as he flung himself off the back of the couch. Too stunned to holler, “Stop!” and too far away to intervene, I watched Bill catch him in midair as if he were a football. I don’t know when that game started or remember when it stopped, but for a time, it was our small son’s favorite game. He had no doubt that his daddy would catch him. He had no fear of hitting the floor. He had complete confidence that when he called, Daddy would respond. Bill was trustworthy in the eyes of his Son.

Our Heavenly Father assures us, his children, that he is trustworthy. This is no game; this is our life. The father of the faithful, Abraham, trusted God because he knew God was trustworthy. He flung himself into the desert because he believed God would keep his promise to bless him and his children after him. The author of Hebrews tells us Abraham died without receiving the promised inheritance. But death is no obstacle for God. Abraham will receive his inheritance at the resurrection as all of God’s children will. He will receive it because he believed and acted on that belief. (Hebrews 11:8-19)

How do we know God is trustworthy? We come to know his trustworthiness as we rely upon him daily by “acknowledging him in all our ways.” My son came to know his father’s trustworthiness from birth through the every day experience of Bill’s response to his emotional and physical needs. He didn’t have to “work up” faith; his faith grew with every experience he shared with his father. Our faith in our Heavenly Father grows with every experience we share with him. God gives us the tiny seed of faith. Faith is a gift he gives. As we act on that faith, we become more convinced, and convicted, of his presence and willingness to provide every genuine need.

As Ryan grew older, he began to realize that his father was not all-powerful or all-knowing. Our Heavenly Father does not have those limitations. Sometimes, though, we don’t get what we ask God to do for us or give us. At times, life just gets tough. Then we question his love, his power, and even his existence. Those are the times that we need to step back from the doubts and remember the prayers that were answered; the needs that were supplied--even when we didn’t ask; the miracles of sun and rain; the miracle of conception, birth, and growth; and thank God for all his benefits to us. We can call out, “I do believe; help my unbelief.” (Mark 9:24 NASB)

When we renounced our way and the world’s way of doing life; when we turned to God and accepted his way of doing life, we flung ourselves into a new way of living. This way involves knowing that God is trustworthy and making choices based on God’s trustworthiness. We can’t base our life choices solely on what we can see, hear, feel, taste, or touch. We can’t base our knowledge of God on the scientific method. Our knowledge of God comes through faith in his trustworthiness.

When Ryan flung himself at his father expecting to be caught, he didn’t calculate the odds. He knew his father would catch him. We can fling ourselves into God’s way of life and know he will catch us. “Catch me. Daddy!”