A Word of Encouragement

By Scarlett Stough

While reading the scripture passages in preparation for writing the commentary and the Bible study guide for the August 2015 issue of Women in Christ, I felt overwhelmed by God's standard of holiness outlined clearly both in the New Testament and the Old Testament scriptures. Who can live up to it all? Yet, God wouldn't require this conduct of us if it were not possible to achieve some success. As the old hymn says, "I am weak, but thou art strong." What seems impossible for us, God is perfectly, completely able to do.

When we fail and we genuinely turn back to God to be forgiven and for the strength to live according to his instructions, he does forgive, wipe out the record of those sins, remove them far from us, and does the cleansing work which begins in our hearts. But we must be willing to allow God to do that work.

God asks for our hearts to be fully devoted to him and to desire what he desires. If we love him and if we love his laws (his instructions for how to live this life), he will provide the power to do it. No one gets through this life without ever doing something wrong in God's eyes; but God does not reject us; he calls on us to turn back to him. This is the good news Jesus brought and the apostles preached and the church was commissioned to spread to all nations.

I take comfort in the promise that God is able to keep us standing in the faith to the very end of our lives and the end of this age.

As Nancy and I like to say, "See Bible."

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