Heavenly Calling By: Melissa Sparling Zini May 2005


Heavenly Calling

We strive for the prize
Basking in the glow of His love
We ask for patience and understanding
Knowing that it can only come from above

We seek to know Him the more
Sure in the knowledge of His grace
Secure in that when our time on this earth is done
We shall be with Him face to face

We strive unto perfection
Knowing that alone we fall short
Asking for His guidance
Ever leaning on Him for support

For God so loved us all
No, not one is forgotten
Believe in His Son
By a virgin begotten

We live as a new creation
Made by God through Him
So as not to perish
In this dark world full of sin

A High Heavenly Calling
This is His promise to us
With all spiritual blessings
Glory in His name, Jesus!

By: Melissa Sparling Zini
May 2005