Fulfilled (Why I Believe) by Scarlett Stough

Attacks on the authenticity of the Holy Bible are a knife in my heart; not because my faith is threatened, but because so many people are prevented from the belief in Christ that brings real life. The scoffers are a loud crowd whose faith in their own intellect and desire to live however they want to live blind them to the truth which is all around us. Because there are so many and they are so loud, many are not able to hear the quiet voice of God extending his invitation to all who have and feel their spiritual need.

In high school, I examined the claims of evolution and rejected them. Evolution was called a theory back then (in the 1950's). It is still an unproven theory while the evidence of a Creator God is visible to any who look, really look.

I've run across the writings of "scholars" who attempt to undermine the historical content of the Bible. Their arguments do not hold up under close investigation. I'm not a scholar, but I am a student who has been reading and studying the Scriptures since my childhood. The God I find described in it from the beginning of the book of Genesis to the last verse of The Revelation of Jesus Christ does not change from the time of Adam to the time of the Apostle John and beyond.

The instruction and hope I find in every book in the Bible, no matter the human author, fills me up in a way no other literature ever has. Only in its words do I find an explanation for the state of this world and the insane actions of its inhabitants.

Jesus is written about in the Law, the Writings and the Prophets. The Book of Psalms is full of references to Jesus the Anointed One of God, our Savior and soon coming King. Isaiah's prophecies are so spot on about the Christ, how could anyone not know Jesus is the promised Messiah?

The Bible tells us about God and his purpose for us, but the Bible isn't really the main reason anymore that I still believe. I still believe because Jesus lives, interceding for all who call upon him. Jesus is present by his Spirit, not just to me, but to all who believe. I'm no one special, just a wife, mother and grandmother. If I can know God, anyone can know God.

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