It was another beautiful fall day here in Kansas and we've yet to have a frost--not that I'm complaining! I took advantage of the fine weather to plant daffodil bulbs on a nice afternoon.

Ever take a good look at a daffodil bulb? They're really quite ugly -- dry on the outside, brownish and without appearance of life. Yet they hold life somewhere within them that will produce beautiful flowers just like clockwork at the appropriate time next spring!

Most of the gardeners' planting is done in the spring--annual bedding plants and seeds for flowers and vegetables. These plants grow quickly over the season. Each year I'm amazed anew at how quickly they grow, some into very large plants! We're told we should have as much faith as the tiny mustard seed possesses, because this annual grows into a such a huge plant in one season. 

But I was thinking today how much more faith the daffodil bulb has. It doesn't enjoy the comfort of being planted in the warming ground of the spring, anticipating the spring rains and sun of summer to advance its growth. No, it enters the ground as the soil is cooling, knowing the ground will freeze and it will be uncomfortable over the winter, but that's what it needs to emerge in the spring and produce its beautiful blooms!

Another faithful resident of the garden is the lowly caterpillar. This interesting but not-loved creature is hounded by gardeners simply for doing what it's supposed to do--eat vegetation. How is it to know the vegetation it's eating might be our vegetable garden?;-) But it keeps eating, and if it survives the gardener, at the appropriate time it faithfully forms its cocoon in which to pupate, and finally emerges completely changed and much beloved as a beautiful butterfly!

So it appears that faith requires a period of death before the emergence of the true glory of the life that's held in the plant or creature. God plays out this plan again and again in creation with bulbs, seeds, and caterpillars. And it will happen to us as well. We must die before we can be resurrected in our true glory as members of God's family.

"Who shall change our vile body, that it may be fashioned like unto his glorious body, according to the working whereby he is able even to subdue all things unto himself." Phillipians 3:21

Kathy Coleman 

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