Election Day, A Prayer by Scarlett Stough, November 2, 2004
Dearest Father,

You are Sovereign; You have the last Word; You set up and bring down entire nations and cultures when they become so evil there is no one left who will listen to Your voice. Are we, my country of birth, my fellow citizens, and myself, so far from You that we refuse to listen to Your voice?

We are all in great need of rescue from going our own way and doing our own thing apart from Your guidance and provision. We see our blessings of prosperity and health leaving our grasp. and no one seems to get it---You are the Source of blessings. When we cut ourselves off from You by living as if we will not have to give account to you, the Judge of all, we also cut ourselves off from all good. We cut ourselves off from stable families, healthy children (emotionally, mentally, and physically) and from economic sufficiency and abundance. 

This election in America can not restore to us the blessings we are losing. Neither Bush nor Kerry; neither Republican nor Democratic Party; nor any human “savior” can stop this slide into spiritual, emotional and physical poverty. We do not seem to see the direct cause and effect between rejecting You and Your word as a standard for our conduct and the loss of economic and political blessings. We have lost sight of any higher purpose than seeking pleasure and possessions.

All anyone seems to be pursuing is personal pleasure. Our children are learning values from the entertainment industry---the new religion where anything goes, especially, if it is in opposition to the instruction You gave through Moses, the Scriptures, and Your Son Jesus.

Father, is it possible for us to repent as Nineveh repented? Can we turn back to You and begin to look into your word for correction?

I want my grandchildren to know You and to learn to make godly choices and to be in Your favor always. I do not want them to absorb the evil of this world the way Lot’s family absorbed the evil of Sodom and Gomorrah. I want them to experience Your love and guidance and provision. I want them to know the joy of leaning on and trusting their heavenly Father.

Help us, O God. Save us, O Lord. May Your name be honored and Your Kingdom come. “Even so, come Lord Jesus.”