Because I am a Child of God by Nancy Vandemark

Jonathan came back to the table. He looked at his mother and said, “I will eat one bite if you let me drink the hot chocolate.”

His mother calmly replied, “No, I already told you. You would have to try two bites before you get any hot chocolate.”

He looked at her sternly and said, “I will eat one bite and have some hot chocolate or you will never see me again.”

She again calmly said, “No.”

At which point he walked away and vanished---but only into the living room.

I compared Jonathon trying to bargain with his mother to the woman who had great faith. (Matthew 15:21-28) Jonathan demanded the hot chocolate as if it were his right. The woman of great faith put aside her pride and ego to ask a favor of Jesus. It made me wonder how many times I had gotten my ego in the way when asking God for a favor.

I am sure Jonathon’s mother would have stayed strong about the hot chocolate, but her heart would have felt more tender if her son had said, “I know I do not deserve this hot chocolate, but I am having a hard time eating this food because it is so different. May I only eat one bite and then have some hot chocolate, please.”

Now Jonathan is young and is still learning. But his lesson that day reminds me that I do nothing to deserve answers to my prayers from God. I can only come before him in humility, with my pride set aside, knowing I deserve nothing, but with hope in His grace because I am a child of God.