The Fervent Prayer of a Righteous Cat Avails Much

It was 11:30 pm when we first heard the pleading cry of the lost and frightened cat outside our bedroom.

"Meow, meow, ... MEOOOW" it cried over and over.

My wife and I were exceedingly tired but it was clear someone had dumped an unwanted kitten near our country home. That cat looked for human help and recognized people were inside our window.




In exhaustion, we closed the window and slept lightly until morning. By that time, the young cat had found a place in our nearby storage shed. It continued to cry for help.

I had to go to work. My wife went out and cared for the young cat. She fed it food, which it gulped down. The cat then wanted to be petted and have endless attention. He purred and purred. He cuddled up to her and followed her everywhere she went.

The cat longed to be wanted. He wanted someone to care for him and was so responsive when petted and given attention.

We could not ignore the cat and let him go. He had sought help from someone in his great need. He had, in effect, been praying to us. It was not possible for us to leave him to starve when he so earnestly and persistently cried out to us for help. Was God showing us something about Himself?

So often when we pray, we wonder whether God will hear us. I have thought, why would God hear me? I'm not worth it. I am not righteous enough. But here I was seeing things from the side of the one that hears the prayers.

That cat was persistent. He kept crying out for what he needed. He was lost, abandoned and needed to be loved. The cat was humble and scared. My wife and I were deeply moved by that cat. He was teaching us about prayer. Showing us what moves God.

If we feel a great need and keep crying out to God in prayer, He can't turn us away. The God who made us knows what caring really means. He is more moved by our pleas than we are for a needy animal.

My wife and I are not able to have a cat, so we found a home for him. But now I think about that cat when I pray. I now have a better grasp of how God feels about my prayers.

Related Scriptures:

James 5:16  The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

Matthew 10:29-31 God even cares about sparrows. We are worth more.

Luke 18:1-8  Pray always. Do not give up. The persistent widow kept coming.

Luke 18:9-14  The publican was heard because he knew he needed God.

I Peter 5:5-7  God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. Cast your anxiety on him because he cares for you.