About Grace: Some of What I’ve Learned by Scarlett Stough

My paternal grandmother’s name was Grace. I’ve always loved it as a name. Then I found out that God includes it as part of his name. I love it even more.

I remember her home as a safe and peaceful place with the joy of family reunions. We say people are gracious when they are humble, friendly, kind and generous. They may be aware of our faults, but they treat us as if we had none. They accept us as we are and treat us with respect as friends or at least as welcome guests. My grandmother must have been a gracious woman because that is how we all felt in her home. We all love gracious people.

In his graciousness, God accepts us as we are and treats us as his own children. Like any responsible, loving parent, God gradually teaches us what we need to know and how to behave as we are able to receive it. He doesn’t reject us when we make a mistake or enter a rebellious phase. He comforts those who need comfort and disciplines those who need discipline.

As we mature he gives us more responsibility so we can develop the character, aptitudes and skills to live good and useful lives. With those responsibilities he gives grace (gifts) so that we are able to fulfill those responsibilities. As we live under God’s grace, we discover his humility, friendliness, kindness and generosity toward us. The love he shows us creates in us a love for him.

If we love him, then we are learning to love others in the same way he loves us: with respect, humility, warmth of friendship, kindness, and generosity as if they had no faults. We are, in a limited way, growing in his gracious attribute as our knowledge of him and our relationship with him increases.

My Grandma Grace had many grandchildren, and I was neither the oldest nor the youngest. Our family visited often, but I never got to know her well. I know something about her, but not who she was inside. Our heavenly Father who is Gracious has many children and I am neither the oldest nor the youngest. But through his written word and his indwelling Spirit, he makes sure that each of his children has the same opportunity to get to know him and share in his grace, his favor and gifts.

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen (II Peter 3:18).

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