Abigail Lost No Time

By Nancy Vandemark

Abigail has always been one of my favorite people in the Bible. I admire the way she was a 'go to' person when there was a difficult situation which needed handling.

I do not know how women were viewed in the society of her day. The Bible tells us "she was a woman of good understanding and beautiful (I Samuel 25:3b Amplified Version.)" I imagine the marriage was arranged, and Nabal most likely chose her for her beauty.

Nabal refused to give any food to David and his men as a token of appreciation for the protection David and his men had provided Nabal's shepherds and flocks. Nabal's servants knew there would be a price to be paid for their master's insults. One of the servants did not hesitate to go to Abigail with this problem. He knew Abigail would be willing to listen. Had the servants gone to Abigail in other situations to resolve problems their ill-tempered master had caused in the past? He expected Abigail not only to listen, but also to consider what needed to be done and then to take action. He counted on her wisdom to intervene and save them from disaster.

When Abigail approaches David, she asks him to place the blame on her. She approaches David with humility. She points out to David the wisdom of not avenging himself, and thereby saves the lives of many people.

Abigail stands among the wise women of the Bible. We only see this short story of her, but know the way she had lived up to that point in time was the reason the servant came to her with hope she would eliminate the potential disaster on the horizon. I pray God will bless me, and all of you, with the godly wisdom and strength of action Abigail displays.  

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