A Child's Prayer A child praying.


The most moving stories about prayer are the sincere prayers of little children and the way God responds. 

Angela was playing with her pet hamster when she was four years old. She accidentally injured it and ran crying to her mother, Stephanie. 

Stephanie picked up the hamster and held it in her hands. It had blood coming out of its mouth, was barely breathing, and appeared to be dying. 

Stephanie told her daughter that she should pray for the hamster and that God would listen to her. Angela immediately prayed out loud asking God to heal the hamster. She told God how much she loved her hamster and that she was so sorry that she had hurt the little animal. 

Within minutes the bleeding stopped and the hamster became active and normal again.

Excerpt from "Journal Readers Share Stories of Answered Prayers" by Bill Stough. Reprinted by permission from The Journal News of the Churches of God.